Turmeric Strength for Joint

Turmeric Strength for Joint
60 Tablets
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Turmeric Strength for Joint
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Designed to support joint health and mobility while helping to offer relief from occasional episodes of joint pain, and supports joint health and mobility

Maintains an already healthy inflammation response of joints and joint tissue, particularly after physical activity.

Devil’s Claw and Boswellia provide support for joint comfort.

Features a proprietary blend of FoodState Kauai Organic Farms Turmeric Root & a pure Turmeric Extract to deliver a guaranteed minimum level of 300 mg cucumin together with the synergistic benefit of a full spectrum of curcuminoids.

Extinguish's premium formula of health-promoting herbs, fruits, and spices offers a full spectrum of protective phytonutrients, blended synergistically, so the ingredients work together to promote whole body wellness and maintain a healthy inflammatory response.

Extinguish was formulated to help address and manage the underlying conditions associated with igniting an inflammation response in the body

Curcumin, the most bioactive compound in turmeric root has been shown in clinical research to help maintain a healthy whole body inflammation response.

To enhance the absorption and effectiveness of curcumin and other herbs in Extinguish, Bioperine®†, a patented extract of black pepper was included.

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